About us
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We have begun the project Anthro-Jobs jobs portal in 2010 and have made it available on the internet since spring 2011. In the beginning it was just for Switzerland but shortly after we extended it to three countries and now it is there for the whole world.
We were looking for a job and tried to find work in an anthroposophical institution. There was no anthroposophic job portal in Switzerland, although there were vacancies, but the ads were very scattered (Newspapers, their own websites, not anthroposophic job portal or not published at all). This made our search really harder. We thought if we have problems, other people who are looking for an anthroposophical job have them as well. That was a clear market gap in the anthroposophic internet world.

We thought it would be good if there would be an anthroposophic job portal, where all the job offers were found in one place. Then we said to ourselves that we’ll do, what doesn’t exist yet. We begun to realize this project idea and it is already running well. Since January 2014, the job portal Anthro Jobs has become an association. Our work for Anthro-Jobs is a big expense, but it also makes great pleasure to know that it is a help for anthroposophic job seekers and also for advertisers.

The advantages of Anthro Jobs:

  • It is straightforward to write an ad
  • It is free to place a job ad online
  • Fast and efficient ads be placed online
  • Anthro Jobs offers anthroposophical institutions the opportunity to use the job portal for an unlimited time.
  • In Anthro jobs, you do not need to pay for each ad, as in a newspaper, magazine or on another job portal.

  If you decide to be a patron’s member or a sponsor / support or donor, please contact us by e-mail: kontakt@anthro-jobs.ch