ANTHRO JOBS exclusively supports
anthroposophic institutions on the whole world. The web page is only for job offers. The publication of job offers on ANTHRO JOBS is free.
Acceptance by E-Mail
The advertisement acceptance is carried out online by an official e-mail address (if available) e. g. the e-mail address of the website of the institution as a word document or PDF. The job advertisements may be published in the local language. The Identity of the advertisement giver has to be transparent and checkable for us.
Advertisement design
An advertisement consists of title, text,
Accommodation address and logo (if available)
Duration of the advertisement
Advertisements remain published as long as it remains up-to-date. As soon as a job is taken or the advertisement isn't anymore up-to-date, the advertisment giver has to report the deletion of the advertisement.
Rejection of orders
ANTHRO JOBS has the right to delet advertisements anytime without a reason or explenation.
Unbenanntes Dokument
is a free initiative, an efficient and reliable job portal.
The publication of job offers on ANTHRO JOBS is free.
The advertiser notes in particular that personal data are available on the internet. For the security of data during their transmission via the Internet excludes Anthro-Jobs itself from any liability. The advertiser is fully responsible for the content of the information supplied by him to Anthro-Jobs. Anthro-Jobs disclaims all liability for it.
is not liable for the misuse of the Internet and associated damage to the advertiser by third parties, for security lapses and failures of third party telecommunications and the Internet, as well as for service interruptions and failures of the applications and online platform of Anthro-Jobs and from third parties.
is not an employment agency or consultant and only appear open jobs.
The job advertisement may be published in the local language.
is a cosmopolitan anthroposophical initiative, which helps people to find an anthroposophic job.
Information about the countries receiving
Countries are selected with an anthroposophic society. Once in a land an anthroposophical institution placed an advertisement, this land is taken along automatically. Thus, countries are gradually added.
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